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Opened Sept 26, 2014

As the longest known operating haunted house in Southwest Pa seemly closed in 2008, it has been reborn as a family oriented haunt. Many things might of caused the boarding up of this old school in Victory but rumors have it that it was boarded up more to protect what has been living inside the 3 room schoolhouse. During the nights local residence say they here the music class still playing as if they never left the schools recital.

For over 30 year this haunted house stood as a demonic / sinful place but now as the property has changed hands a paranormal investigation has found the spirits living within the old schoolhouse are not demonic or evil but spiritual singing and dancing and happy to be showing their school spirit. But beware there was some incidents that where put off as playful mishaps during the visit.

Everything has changed inside and the addition of outside food and fun will make for a great family venture into the celebration of ALL SAINTS DAY or HALLOWS EVE which was the true beginning of HALLOWEEN.